GADDSS Agency vs. State Percentiles

Approximately 254 individuals completed the GADDSS survey on behalf of themselves or their loved ones participating in DD services at the CSB of Middle Georgia in FY2018. This survey is broken down into seven categories including:  Life Satisfaction; Choices; Social Inclusion; Personal Relationships; Respect / Rights / Dignity; Satisfaction with Services; and Safety. Considering each of these areas, the overall percentile rank for the agency is approximately 90.9%. This falls just under the average of 91.3% which has been calculated to include all participating CSBs across the state with approximately 1809 participants.

Each survey category can be compared to the overall state average as follows:

  • For the area of Life Satisfaction CSBMG obtained an average of 96.2% while the state averaged at approximately 97.5%.
  • Regarding Choices, individuals who completed the survey on behalf of the agency reflected a satisfaction rate of 95.6%. This average was above that of the state which was approximately 94.4%.
  • When examining the area of Social Inclusion, approximately 67.2% of individuals who completed the survey on behalf of the agency were satisfied. This fell slightly below the state average of 69.1%.
  • The surveys completed for CSBMG indicated that approximately 88.9% of individuals were satisfied in the category of Personal Relationships while approximately 90.2% of individuals were satisfied statewide.
  • In the area of Respect / Rights / Dignity approximately 93.1% of individuals who completed the survey on behalf of the agency indicated satisfaction. This if higher than the state average of 91.9%.
  • Satisfaction with Services received a satisfaction rate of approximately 98.4%. This was rather comparable to the statewide satisfaction rating of 98.8%.
  • Satisfaction in the area of Safety received a score of 97% for the agency while the state average was a comparable 97.3%.

Overall, the satisfaction scores for CSBMG, both overall and the seven categories examined, were quite comparable to that of the state. While some areas may be slightly lower, other areas were slightly higher than the state average. This resulted in a less than .4% difference in the overall score of the agency versus the overall state average percentile scores.