About Us


“We are dedicated to providing those we serve with quality innovative behavioral healthcare in a recovery-based environment.”


“We will be recognized as a state leader in comprehensive behavioral healthcare providing integrated cost effective services.”

Several years ago the Center Management team drafted Mission and Vision statements and distributed them to all programs within the ten county service area; members of the Center’s governing authority also discussed them.  Based on feedback through this process, the original draft has evolved from long and detailed statements to the two written above.  We believe these concise statements convey our intentions.

In summary, we will respect and respond to the needs and values of each individual.  We will have the freedom to envision possibilities without boundaries and we will cooperate with trust, reliance and shared respect.  We will be effective by improving quality, accomplishing desired results and being compassionate.  We will strive for integrity, by being models of honesty, sincerity, dependability and loyalty.  We will provide excellent healthcare services to the citizens of our Middle Georgia community.