🌟 Happy Social Media Day from the Community Service Board of Middle Georgia! 🌟

First, there was the telegraph, then the telephone, then the fax machine, and now social mediaβ€”a revolutionary way of communicating. Since its creation, social media has connected people like never before. Friends and family can stay in touch at any moment, and marketers have discovered new ways to reach consumers. With people using social media for an average of 144 minutes every day, its impact on society is undeniable.

Social Media Day, celebrated on June 30, was launched by Mashable in 2010 to recognize social media’s influence on global communication and to bring the world together in celebration. The hashtag #SMDay is used every year to participate in the celebration!

At CSBMG, we utilize social media through our blog and Facebook to keep individuals informed on the latest news and programs available. Our services and programming offer medical assistance, addiction recovery support, and enhanced social support networks through community outreach (Community Service Board of Middle Georgia, 2024). By targeting social determinants of health, we aim to improve health outcomes and create a resilient community.

Join us in celebrating the positives that social media has brought into our lives. Follow us to stay updated on our programs and initiatives. Together, we can make a difference! πŸ’™

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