Addictive Disease Support Services (ADSS)

You and your identified recovery partners can access addictive disease support services that strengthen and empower you to achieve your recovery and wellness goals.

ADSS includes:

  • Creating an Individualized Recovery Plan
  • Creating a Relapse Prevention Plan
  • Employing supportive treatment services

Group Recovery Services

Many substance abuse services are provided in a group setting since persons with alcohol and drug challenges recover best when supported by others with similar lived experiences. Addiction is isolating, but strong connections can bring successful recovery.

Step One Recovery Center

Step One Recovery Center is a group program that requires participation five days a week to assist with identifying personalized ways to stay sober and achieve goals.

Counseling Services

Individuals participate in group and individual therapy sessions that strengthen them in recovery. In sessions, you and your therapist will work to identify challenges, develop coping skills, and reach positive solutions. Therapeutic interventions offer healthy approaches to recovery.

Substance Abuse Night Groups

Substance Abuse Night Groups are available for those who are unable to attend a weekday program. This three-hour group is based on individualized strengths, progress, and ability to maintain sobriety. Meetings are held three times per week.

Group services involve:

  • Connections to natural supports and self-help opportunities
  • Leisure and social skill-building activities without the use of substances
  • Psychoeducational activities that focus on addiction prevention, consequences of addiction, and addiction recovery
  • Therapeutic group treatment and counseling

RISEUP: Recovering in a Supportive Environment Utilizing Peers

RISEUP is a no-charge, peer-based service for individuals and families in recovery. RISEUP services establish, maintain, and enhance recovery through peer support in a safe, supportive community setting.

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How to Get Started

CSB of Middle Georgia outpatient locations are open to individuals seeking recovery from substance abuse. Appointments and walk-ins are accepted.

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Additional Substance Abuse Services

Additional Services