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Quentin Price, M.D. – Crisis Stabilization Unit – Dublin, GA

The crisis stabilization unit is a 24-hour residential program serving adults experiencing mental health and/or substance use challenges that require intervention, stabilization, or detoxification. Whether voluntarily or involuntarily admitted, adults 18 or older receive responsive, caring services.

For crisis stabilization unit, call all 470-870-6691

Crisis Stabilization for Adults

Individuals 18 years or older experiencing psychiatric or substance use crises gain beneficial intervention or stabilization services. Our program is a 16-bed locked residential treatment facility that serves individuals for an average of five days.

Your Confidentiality Matters

Should you or a loved one rely on help for crisis stabilization, we assure privacy and confidentiality through policies, procedures, and laws that protect personal health information. We encourage family inclusion during treatment and only share information with designated family members with written permission.

During Admittance and Stay

Both voluntary and involuntary individuals receive:

  • 24/7 nursing supervision
  • Daily evaluation
  • Linkage to outpatient treatment
  • Medication management
  • Structured treatment plans
  • Therapeutic activities

After Discharge

Individuals and their families can expect:

  • Five-day supply and 30-day prescription of any medications prescribed during treatment
  • Follow-up visit with a licensed provider within seven days of discharge
  • Linkage to outpatient treatment facilities or community resources
  • Physician appointment scheduled within 14 days of discharge

About Crisis Stabilization Unit

The crisis stabilization unit was established in 2005 as a 24-hour structured residential program for adults needing immediate crisis intervention or detoxification and has served individuals in numerous ways, including

  • Preventing unnecessary hospitalization or rehospitalization
  • Providing psychiatric and addictive disease stabilization
  • Mobilizing beneficial community resources to link individuals with appropriate services and supports for ongoing care

Quentin’s Place
118 Thomas Lane
Building 9
Dublin, GA 31021

To access Crisis Stabilization Unit, please contact 478-275-6811

Payment Information

Please bring income information, if possible. We accept insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare, and no one is denied services because of inability to pay.

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