CSBMG Employee Recognition 2016

Employee of Year 2016

Employees of the Month 2016

People’s Choice Award

Go To Gal Award ~ Patricia Jones
Trish has been the housekeeping worker at Bldg. 1 for many years—- however, you would never know that was her job title based on the other duties she performs on a daily basis.  Trish wears many, many hats at CSB of Middle Georgia.  She can do anything —housekeeping, clerical work and receptionist.  She is a nurse wanna be, a physician wanna be and CEO wanna be !!!—  she can boss us all around –you name it she will tackle it and she can fill-in for ANYBODY, and never backs away from doing something.  She even makes reminder calls to consumers about their follow-up appointments and makes notations in Profiler, and the list goes on, and on, and on.   Trish is a “Jack-of-all-trades”.

The Mighty Link (Over Achiever) Award ~ Marnie Braswell
Marnie has achieved the status of “Mighty Link” through her dedication and hard work throughout her career.  She is always willing to do what needs to be done and what has to be done.  She gives of herself, her time, and her talents.  In the past she was sometimes called the “weak link” – it was just a joke; but not to Marnie – no way!! was she going to be the weak link.  She took this seriously— and now makes every effort to show how “mighty” she can be. She is a super hero and is the “mighty link” that keeps the chain together.  She is a hard worker and a dedicated worker.  Good Job Marnie !!!

The Step-up Award ~ Felicia Blash
Felicia is well-organized and always willing to figure out whatever task is at hand— no matter how complicated, Felicia is able to figure out a way to accomplish tasks that sometimes others seem to struggle with.  She is very industrious, she is matter-of-fact and no non-sense when it comes to maintaining a high standard. Felicia follows rules and protocols and strives to ensure that things are done correctly.  She is a true team player.  Felicia has no problem getting down in the trenches to help re-organize, even if the task is not within the program where she works.   Ms. Blash will be there in a FLASH if you need her.

The Picasso Award ~ Tracy Ricks
Tracey has painted buildings from one end of our 10-county catchment area to the other without grumbling or complaining and without missing a beat with supervising 6 group homes in 2 different counties.  Tracy can paint a wall and take a call at the same time – never missing a beat with what needs to be done.  Our work places and residential sites look better because of you. “Thank you Tracy for coloring our world”.

The Best Man Award ~ Keith Moran
Keith is a man of few words; much unlike the women he works with.   A man of great wisdom and knowledge.  A man of many talents in “juggling the numbers!!!”   He is kind and gentle, yet a mighty giant of a man at CSB of Middle Georgia because — Keith totes the pocket book around here!  Keith has a great sense of humor and often catches us off guard with his sense of humor.  Truly, Keith is respected by all and — We Love You Keith !!!