Four Ways Forward: Prioritize Your Self-care

It’s easy to feel mentally exhausted these days, in a world that demands so much of our time, energy and focus. Left unaddressed, this exhaustion can lead to worsening mental health.

This week’s Way Forward for Mental Health Awareness Month is to prioritize your self-care. In doing so, you can set an example for others, while putting yourself on a path toward wellness.

Here are four ways to get started:

1. Journal your thoughts. Sometimes it’s easier to write down what you’re feeling rather than speaking it out loud. Find a journal that has writing prompts or start with a blank page.
2. Place words of affirmation around your home. Not only will writing them down be a good exercise in itself but seeing them in special places can lift your spirits.
3. Spend time outdoors. Research shows that spending time outside reduces the risk of depression and boosts serotonin levels and Vitamin D production.
4. Schedule a “nothing” day. We often push ourselves too hard without giving ourselves a chance to recover. Scheduling a day of “nothing” can do wonders for our wellbeing.

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