Leveraging Consumer Engagement for Effective Care Coordination at CCBHCs

June 11, 2024| Erica Stokes

The Community Service Board of Middle Georgia (CSBMG) is committed to advancing our approach to consumer engagement as a critical component of our Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic (CCBHC) model. As we look to the future, new trends in consumer engagement are poised to enhance our care coordination efforts and improve overall consumer experience.

Enhancing Consumer Engagement

In today’s healthcare environment, having robust consumer engagement strategies is essential for CCBHCs. Our focus is on the ‘substance’ of engagement, utilizing point-of- care education content to empower consumers, and in making sure our team shares important resources with those we serve.

Improving the Consumer Experience

Our goal is to make every interaction with CSBMG seamless and informative. Many individuals feel anxious before visiting a healthcare professional, often due to having little or insufficient information. Having engaged staff who work with individuals from the first phone call, through warm handoffs, and wrap around them until they are enrolled in primary services are a few ways that CSBMG is working to ensure those served have a good experience in their time of need. Our team can help to facilitate everything from appointment scheduling to assisting with insurance questions and follow-up to care, ensuring our consumers are well-prepared and informed.

Linking Engagement to Experience

CSBMG understands that consumer engagement is directly linked to the overall consumer experience. By designing a seamless journey for our consumers, we aim to improve their satisfaction and loyalty. A positive experience not only retains consumers but also attracts new ones. Poor consumer experience, on the other hand, is a major reason why individuals switch provider organizations. At CSBMG, we strive to ensure every interaction is positive and supportive.

Achieving Success in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

Effective consumer engagement is vital for succeeding in today’s healthcare and business landscape. We believe that connected consumers are more likely to adhere to care recommendations and less likely to resort to emergency care. This is especially important in managing behavioral health and chronic conditions, where consistent care and medication adherence are crucial for better outcomes.

Stay Informed with CSBMG

At CSBMG, we are committed to keeping our community informed about the latest developments in consumer engagement and care coordination. You can find more information and updates on leveraging the CCBHC Model on the csbmg.com BLOG.

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