Monday Motivation

Have you ever paid attention to the energy in a room? That feeling when you walk into a room that there is something a little off? Things may seem tense or uneasy?

Everyone carries with them their own version of how the day is going and it may be a great day or a terrible day for them and with that comes the energy that they give to the space they are in. We can either let that impact us, or we can influence that energy by being positive and we may even change the direction of their day as well. Think of a time when you may have been sad or angry and someone with a positive attitude comes in and helps to lighten the mood and maybe make you feel better? That’s how you influence the energy in a room.

We always have a few choices here – 1) allow bad energy to pull us in, 2) ignore all energy and just be or 3) influence the energy by being positive.


Terry Richards, CFO