Monday Motivation

Happy Monday! Continuing down the path of being a Top Performer – next on the list is Resilience. Many of us were here through the ransomware attack and through COVID and many more have worked through other hard times either here at CSBMG or at other organizations. Being resilient is what pushes you to being a top performer. If you can keep a positive attitude during the chaos of things going wrong – that is resilience. Going in a different direction when things aren’t working out as you had planned – that is resilience. Setting goals that are achievable but not easy – that is resilience.

The way to build resilience is found in the “what it isn’t” section. Don’t ignore the problems – there could be underlying issues that need to be addressed. Know when to abandon a plan that is failing. It’s okay to take a different direction but if it’s not working at all, then bow out. Don’t let the failure stop your progress though – just figure out what hasn’t worked and change the course. Don’t dwell on mistakes – learning and getting better is trial and error. When something doesn’t work – then we learned a lesson and it is what we do with that lesson that matters.

Overcome – adapt – challenge! That is how we become top performers.


Terry Richards, CFO