Monday Motivation (on Tuesday)

I was reading an article on Top Performers in organizations and what it takes to ensure you are on that list. I hope we can all agree that we do not get up in the mornings thinking – “I want to be a LOW performer” or “I want to be mediocre”. Top performers are the ones who move the needle for organizations.

The first quadrant of the document I was reviewing was on Dependability. Making sure you are a TRUSTED and RELIABLE team members is what helps you to become a top performer. Not only working toward your own goals but also the goals of your team and the agency overall show a great deal of dependability. Helping the team to stay on track is another. This does not mean doing others work but helping others remain accountable for their own work. Delivering work ON TIME is another way to show your dependability. Under promise and Over deliver has been a motto that I have heard for years! Be on time for meetings, appointments, phone calls, zoom meetings and also have your expected work completed.

This being said – being dependable is not rushing to complete your work at the last minute and not achieving a quality level of output. Don’t make those promises that you can’t keep. If you make a promise and something sets you back, be sure that all involved up the line know what is happening – communicate. Lastly – don’t avoid tough tasks to keep from failing. Volunteer for those tough assignments – these are the ones that separate the TOP performers from all others.


Terry Richards, CFO