QEPR (Quality Enhancement Performance Review) Webinar Recap – June 17, 2024

Erica Stokes| June 18, 2024

On the morning of June 17, 2024, Qlarant conducted an informative webinar focused on the I/DD Quality Review Process. The session provided valuable insights and updates, crucial for ensuring that our practices align with the latest standards. Here are the key takeaways from the training:

The quality review process for FY 2024 revealed significant achievements and areas for improvement. The average score for large providers was 86%, and we are proud to report that our score was notably higher, showcasing our commitment to excellence. Congratulations to the entire team for this outstanding performance! Regional scores varied, with Region 2 achieving an average score of 85%, Region 5 leading with the highest group score of 89%, and Region 3 conducting the most quality reviews.

Despite the high scores, some areas were identified as needing attention. The Community Life section received the lowest overall score at 67%. Notably, this category was not part of our previous review but is now included in the assessment. The second lowest score was in the Choice section, with a score of 71%. While we performed well in these areas during our last review, it is essential to maintain our strengths and address any gaps.

The webinar highlighted important changes that will be implemented in the FY 2025 reviews. One significant change is the inclusion of Designated and Non-Designated Staff. Designated Staff includes licensed professionals such as RNs. Starting January 2025, these staff members will be required to complete 6 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) focused on I/DD. Non-Designated Staff includes DDPs, CSWs, and administrative staff.

Additional noteworthy points include that the process for NCI interviews will remain unchanged. Moreover, a portion of our files will be sent to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for review, making it crucial to ensure that all files are meticulously prepared and maintained.

This webinar provided essential updates and guidance on the I/DD Quality Review Process. By understanding and implementing these changes, we can continue to deliver high-quality services and maintain our exemplary performance in future reviews. Let’s stay committed to excellence and work together to address the areas identified for improvement.