Wednesday Wellness

Why do we spend time obsessing over others – their success, their looks, their wealth, their – fill in the blanks!   When have we obsessed about the things that we love in ourselves?


Self-worth matters!   We tend to spend most of our time taking care of others – particularly in the line of work that we do – but developing a positive self-image is key to our mental health!   This understanding helps us to know that we can achieve more and may even help us to be a little nicer to ourselves while we develop confidence in what we are capable of.


Self-worth refers (in general) to our values and our belief that we are worth of support, compassion and care.    Are you able and willing to ask for support when needed or do you “do it all yourself”?   We were not made to do everything ourselves but rather to support each other and build relationships and community.    Knowing your self-worth is a step toward not being uncomfortable with asking for support.


You can build your self-worth by:


  1. Using positive affirmations
  2. Finding a sense of purpose and doing what you love – hobbies or volunteering
  3. Learn to receive compliments.  So many times we reject or brush off compliments (I am guilty of this) but truly learn to receive them.
  4. Avoid criticizing yourself.  We are our own worst critics so give yourself a little love and grace.
  5. Find the good in yourself.   Instead of using negative phrases “I am just no good at XXX” – try “I haven’t mastered this yet, but I am great at XXX”
  6. Seek coaching or therapy if you find you need more support and do not have a strong support system that you can rely on.


You are WORTHY!




Terry Richards, CFO