Wednesday Wellness

Did you know that living in a state of gratitude can lead to a better overall sense of wellbeing? When we spend our time focusing on the things we wish we had, the car we wish we had, the house we wish we had or any other thing that we wish we had – we are not allowing ourselves to recognize all that we already have which support us daily. When open ourselves to living with gratitude, it is surprising to see what flows into our lives, and how it improves our mental health and our relationships. It helps us to notices all of the little wins.

How many times do we say “thank you” and we are truly not thankful at all – it is just what we “should” say? Before you say thank you to someone think about why you are saying thank you – are you truly thankful and grateful to this person for the act that they have done?

Spend a few minutes when you first wake up in the mornings to think of 10 things that you are truly grateful for at that moment.
When someone does do something that you are grateful for – please let them know.
Use your senses to explore gratitude – our ability to touch, see, smell, taste and hear all provide ways for us to feel gratitude.

Take a moment now to close your eyes, take a deep breath in and release, relax your shoulders and picture something that you are grateful for.


Terry Richards, CFO