Week One of the “Mental Health Awareness Month 2024 Toolkit: Four Ways Forward

For May Mental Health Acceptance Month, CSBMG will introduce the “Mental Health Awareness Month 2024 Toolkit: Four Ways Forward” in a resource presented by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, offering practical guidance for individuals to act during Mental Health Awareness Month. This toolkit is divided into four main sections, each focusing on a different aspect of mental health advocacy. During the first week of the Mental Health Awareness Month challenge, individuals are encouraged to focus on raising their voices and advocating for change. This includes:


  1. Signing up for Advocacy Alerts to stay informed about opportunities to contact elected officials and support key bills.
  2. Sharing personal stories and showing support for advocacy priorities and policies that remove barriers to accessing mental health care.
  3. Learning about Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics (CCBHCs) and efforts to support and grow them nationwide.
  4. Downloading the Advocacy Handbook for tips and templates for becoming a mental health and substance use treatment advocate.

Mental-Health-Awareness-Month-2024-Toolkit.pdf (thenationalcouncil.org)