Wellness Wednesday

Beat the summer heat! We are not officially in Summer yet, but it certainly feels like it. Parts of the southwest are hitting 110 degrees this week and we are only in June.

Always be aware of the damage that heat can do when you may not even realize it is happening.

Don’t leave children or pets in hot cars. Yes, there are people who do that and it does not end well!
Stay cool! AC, fans, shade, pools, parks – are all ways to keep cool.
Do the hard stuff early! Outdoor work should be done in the cooler hours of the day. Check your weather app to see when those hours are.
Help others out. Check on those most at risk in the heat. Older adults, those who are ill, pregnant women and children.
Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. While it may seem odd, wear long sleeved or long pants – light weight clothing when working outdoors – especially if it is a fabric that blocks UV rays.
Use sunscreen to avoid sun damage and lower the risk of skin cancer.
Find shade or make your own. Keep a hat or umbrella handy.
HYDRATE! Did you know that you don’t feel thirsty until you are dehydrated? Drink lots of water and maybe some electrolytes if you have been working outdoors.

Be aware of heat related illness – if you feel abnormally hot, feel nauseated or are vomiting, and have pale, clammy skin – call 911 or have someone get you to the ER.


Terry Richards, CFO