Valant EHR coming soon


Community Service Board of Middle Georgia strives to be on the fore front of what is expected of us in every direction.  We are proud to announce the new and up-coming integration of Valant as Electronic Health Record (EHR).  Valant uses cloud base technology.  For those of us who are not so “tech savy”, it simply means that the software for this EHR platform uses a secure link to the internet.

Another exciting thing pertaining to Valant will be the unification of records across our 16 counties. This will help our organization be more efficient in accessing records and all other information that is needed for the individuals that we serve.  From the initial visit, to the daily notes, to the authorization and billing for our services will be managed through a seamless system.  Capability of E-Signatures, ability to create groups, manage rosters, and track attendance at a glance are just a few enhancements with this new EHR.

Valant is being tailored specifically for the needs of our program.  We have a team that is working and meeting weekly to build the system for the needs of the CSB of Middle Georgia, as well as to confirm and reaffirm this software to be user friendly for our program in every aspect. This project has been ongoing from the ground up for over a year.  Clinicians have been able to weigh in on aspects of the clinical side of the record; and billing/authorization information has been shared from the support side of the house.  Physicians have had input, but will be called upon to provide other expertise as we continue to move forward with the development of the new system.  Our target for go-live with Valant is early to mid-2018.


-R. Hullander 1/2/18