Monday Motivation

In some aspect, everyone is a leader! You may not lead a team of people, but you may lead a project, your family, a church group or may find yourself in some other type of leadership role. When we lead, we should always set a personal example of what you expect in others.

If you expect others to be punctual – BE punctual.
If you expect others to be cooperative -BE cooperative.
If you expect others to be creative – BE creative.
If you expect others to have integrity – BE honest.
If you expect others to be empathetic – BE empathetic.
If you expect others to be a team player – BE a team player.
If you expect others to show a positive attitude – SHOW a positive attitude.
If you expect others to trust you – SHOW trust.

Modeling the behavior that you would like to see in others shows them that you value the part they play on your team.

On the other hand………

If others are negative – are you negative?
If others are inconsistent and volatile – are you inconsistent and volatile?
If others do not communicate – do you communicate?
If others seem confused – do you provide a sense of consistency?
If others seem like loners and are not team players – do you provide a space of safe collaboration where everyone has a voice?
If others are critical – do you provide a supportive environment for all?
If there is conflict – do you provide effective conflict resolution?
Are there cliques – do you show favoritism to certain people or groups?

It is up to each of us to model the way for effective leadership to make our agency world class.


Terry Richards, CFO