Shout Out to June 18th PEARLS Graduates!

Good afternoon, TEAM!

We are honored to give a shout out to our newest PEARLS trainees! Jammie Gilbert, CPS-P, Haley Monroe, CPS-Y, Juan Corona, CPS-Y, Crystal Miller, CPS-P, and Anna Hodges, CPS-Y celebrated their PEARLS graduation on June 18th!! PEARLS is a set of practice elements that helps current CPS-Ps and CPS-Ys fine tune their skills in the power of Peer Support by offering understanding and compassion. It is an in-depth training running over the course of six months that delves into each peer’s own journey, the “why” behind the work, and building connection with others. Each letter correlates with the following elements:


P – Peer Based Relationship

E – Encouraging Growth

A – Active Acceptance

R – Respect

L – Link with Others

S – Suspend Bias & Judgement


The training was led by Claire Bonnell, George Garren, and Starla Grove from CSBMG, as well as co-facilitated with Venus Thomas and Angie Williams at Aspire! We are so proud of our group of trainees that put the time and the effort into this training and ask you to help us celebrate their accomplishment!!


They are now PEARLS certified peer supports staff, ready to provide exceptional support to our families within the IC3 program, as well as some of our C&A outpatient families. PEARLS certification marks a significant achievement and enhances the quality of support we offer.


Congratulations, to our recent PEARLS graduates!


Denise Forbes, CEO